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How to get out of debt – 10 ways to pay off your debts faster

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Seven smart ways to help you become debt-free!

Living on a tight budget can make paying off debt seem insurmountable. However, with the right strategies and determination, you can make significant progress towards becoming debt-free. Here are seven practical steps to help you manage and eliminate your debt, even when funds are tight!...

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Six tips to get out of debt sooner

It's the end of another month, and you're trying to make ends meet while struggling with debts. Achieving financial freedom can seem like an elusive goal, especially with monthly bills, ongoing debt repayments, and the general costs of living. It's tough to have enough money...

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What to do when financial hardship hits home!

While many of us worry about our finances, some people are under extreme financial hardship and stress - to the point of not being able to manage their everyday living expenses or pay their debts. Often, this is the result of changing circumstances such as...

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10 ways to save more money

If you're wanting to improve your financial situation, apply the simple 3 part strategy of increasing your income, reducing expenses and getting out of debt. Actively applying the 3 parts of this formula is the way to make the financial maths work in your favour. In...

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10 ways to make more money

Most of us could do with a some of extra cash each week to help pay the bills, reduce debts and get ahead in life. By applying the right strategy and with a bit of effort, there are numerous ways to rebalance the flow of...

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How to avoid bankruptcy and save your assets

Avoiding bankruptcy is possible. There’s no doubt about it, debt can be pretty crippling if you let it get out of control.  But if you think your debt has become unmanageable and your assets are at risk, don’t despair – because as bad as you...

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Debt Consolidation – the pros, cons and alternatives

What are the pros and cons of debt consolidation? Is it the right debt solution for you or are there more appropriate alternatives? If you feel like you’re drowning in debt you’re not alone. In fact, Australia’s personal debt is some of the highest in...

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