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Safe Debt Management reviews – what our clients say

At Safe Debt Management, we deliver professional & personal debt solution services to meet your needs. Here is a sample of Safe Debt Management client reviews telling how our service has helped them:

Very helpful & professional

The administrator I’ve been dealing with has been very helpful and professional and has kept me up to date with the process from the start. I have been struggling to get on top of my debt since the breakdown of my marriage in 2013. I believe I will be able to budget properly and meet my obligations in the future without resorting to credit.

Merle of NSW

Very helpful

They are very helpful and friendly, generous to their customers/clients, they explained clearly what problem you have. I’m very thankful to Safe Debt Management. 100% they will solve my problem.

Freddie of QLD

No regrets

Nothing but excellent, everyone I have dealt with have been extremely polite and professional and helpful. No regrets. Allowing me to deal with my health issues and take the pressure off having to work 90hr weeks to gain financial control again after many years of severe stress.

Nicole of ACT

Relieve the burden

Safe Debt Management have been very helpful. They have always been very professional in their conduct and respond to my enquiries quickly. I felt comfortable discussing very personal issues, where I would normally not disclose. (This service will help) relieve the burden of carrying a debt around whilst paying everyday expenses on a budget. They can manage my finances better and look at my spending holistically.

Ella of NSW

One of the best

Service received was one of the best I’ve ever had. Everything that was said was so consistent and accurate. I couldn’t of asked for anything more. Thank you. This service will change me and my children’s life. We will be able to live normally and enjoy life. Absolutely life changing. Thank you so much from us.

Sureerat of NT

A big help

I am really happy with the service I have received. Everyone I spoke to was very polite and a big help. It will be a big help to me now I have finally got all my debt in order and I can repair my credit file so now I can help my children in life without struggling.

Samantha of  NSW

Take control back

Kristen has been very helpful and understanding. I have been going through the hardest emotional and financial time in my life, and could not see a way out. Safe Debt has given me an option.  It will help me take control back, relieve the stress and worry this has been causing me, and help get on and move forward with my life.

Kylie of NSW

Superb service

Superb service. Always kept informed of whats happening. Can’t fault customer support or service. Thank you very much. Takes a lot of stress off my mind and relieves everyday life.

Arthur of NSW

Huge weight off my shoulders

Good service as it has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I recommend these services to anyone in debt. Peace of mind that my debt is taken care of.

Andre of QLD

Far more benefical

The service I have received has been far more beneficial than I had been given from anyone else. The ladies took the time to listen and recommend strategies to overcome my debt. I can’t thank them enough. It will help get my life back on track.

Raymond of QLD

Extremely understanding

Kristen was very friendly and extremely understanding. She took the time to explain and help me with this stressful transition and decision. I hope this will give me a second chance to understand my finances better and plan for my future and not to live beyond my own means.

Michael of QLD

Helped and guided

Kristen made me feel I was being helped and guided and that there were many more people out there in the same situation and it wasn’t just me. She made me feel so much better and made the process much more simpler for me than I had imagined.

Jillian of NSW

Absolutely life changing

I would like to say thank you for the great and excellent services that I have received since day one. Thank you for your kindness, patience and understanding. I salute Safe Debt Management for hiring people like you. I really appreciate it. Special thanks to Kristen and Charlotte. I can’t thank you enough. It will help get my life back on track. Absolutely life changing.

Lilibeth of NSW


Super helpful

I spoke to Kristen on the phone about a Debt Agreement. She was super helpful and made me feel comfortable and made me have hope in fixing my financial situation. She was the best!

Leah of QLD


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About Safe Debt Management

About Safe Debt Management

Safe Debt Management is part of the Safe Financial Group of companies.

At Safe Debt Management we’re all about making your life better. We believe in being totally transparent with our costs – and if we can’t help you, we won’t charge you! Most importantly, we believe in providing professional, personalised and confidential service. Read more – About us

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Safe Debt Management Pty Ltd (ACN 010 183 294) | RDAA # 1251.
Safe Debt Management Pty Ltd (ACN 010 183 294) is a registered Debt Agreement Administrator (RDAA #1251) with Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) www.afsa.gov.au specialising in Debt Agreements.

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