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Stressed? Here’s how to find calm

Stressed? Here’s how to find calm

Stress. We’ve all experienced at some point in our lives but if you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious for long periods of time, it can have serious consequences for your health. We all have daily challenges we need to deal with that can lead to stress – work issues, relationship problems, financial worries, debts or even something as (seemingly) simple as finding time to get the housework done.

Stress manifests itself in many forms. You might be losing sleep because you’re worried about something, feeling frequently frustrated and exhausted, unable to make good decisions (or even any) and generally not able to keep up with your everyday activities.

In these situations, it’s important to find calm and get the balance back into your life. However eliminating stress is, unfortunately, easier said than done. But it’s not impossible, especially when you start with quick and simple ways to reduce stress and stay calm – remember, it’s always better to take positive action and do something about it rather than ignoring it.

When you feel overwhelmed by stress, allow yourself to take a break from your normal routine and try doing new activities. Here we share with you some quick and easy ways to de-stress and regain your calm so you can meet your challenges head-on and deal with whatever life throws at you.

Control your breathing

Breathing exercises can help you relax. By controlling your breathing, you’ll trick your body into feeling relaxed even if you’re not. Take a few deep breaths to help reduce tension and get an extra boost of oxygen. Practice deep breathing techniques by breathing in through your nose until your lungs reach full capacity and then exhale through your mouth, pushing out as much air as you can while contracting your abdominal muscles. You’ll be surprised how much peace this brings to your mind and spirit. Stay calm – just breathe.

Take a break

Yes, we all have work deadlines and other stuff that raise our stress levels but when you feel your shoulders start to hunch up around your ears, get up and take a break from everything that’s bothering you. Free your mind by stealing a few minutes of silence to relax you physically and mentally. Think happy thoughts that will help you to focus and brighten up your mood.

Go for a walk

Something as simple as taking a walk can immediately refresh your mind, especially if you do it with a friend. A little conversation can lighten up your mood and brings a fresh perspective to things. If you can manage it, take a walk in a park where it’s bright and green so you get instant meditation effects on your body. Exercise is a great stress reliever because your body releases endorphins, which promote a sense of well-being and reduce those stress hormones.

Play your favorite song

Any music that you love will definitely make you feel a little better. Music is such a relaxing way to reduce stress because it floods your brain with feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine. If you don’t have headphones to listen through, just go ahead and make your own music. Humming and singing will send warm and positive feelings to your brain that will definitely lighten your mood.

Give yourself a sweet treat

No we’re not advocating stress eating but it’s perfectly fine to eat just a little bit of chocolate or something sweet to make you smile (and get a nice – albeit short-term – sugar rush while you’re at it). Just be careful and don’t make stress your excuse to indulge in too many sweet things.

Count to 10

It may sound simple but it works! If that feeling of total chaos strikes, stop what you are doing and count to 10. We promise it will help you to deal more easily with the issue that you’re experiencing.

Have a change of scenery

Whether it’s a short holiday or a simple day trip to a nice location nearby, changing your environment will help brighten your mood. And breaking the same old same old daily grind routine to experience new things helps to change your perspective. Just ensure to only spend what you can afford so you don’t add more debt stress after your return.

Trust your instinct

Trust yourself; do what you think is right and what works best for you. Sometimes we often make such a big deal of things that we get bogged down in the detail and can’t see the bigger picture. Try not to overthink things, have a clear mind and then make a decision. Trust your instincts –  you’ve got this!

Think positive

We all make mistakes and there’s really no good reason for you to be focusing on the things that didn’t work for you or the bad decisions that you might have made in the past. Don’t let yourself accept any negativity in your surroundings. The secret to a calm and stress-free life is your attitude. If you focus on the bright side, you’ll always attract positive results.

Seek support

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. If your stress level has come to the point that you are not able to cope with your daily tasks, it’s important to reach out to a professional doctor or therapist. They can provide proper assessment and intervention. Although this does cost money, the benefits that you will get are what matters the most.

If your main stress is debt stress, with debts rising beyond your ability to repay, contact us for a free debt assessment. We have helped many Australians reduce debt, freeze interest and journey into financial freedom. Contact us today – what have you got to lose but your debts!